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The trucking and transport industry will increase its stronghold of the United State’s freight pool and trucking will remain as the dominant domestic transport mechanism for freight movement into the next 10 years, the American Trucking Association’s reports this fact about the trucking industry in its newly released U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast to 2017.

A leading trucking periodical, which reports on the entire U.S. freight transportation industry, forecasts that all freight transport modes will grow, however it predicts that the trucking industry will provide the most significant boost to freight transport.

The truck is continually growing its share of the United States’ freight and transport pool. The trucking industry is such a significant component in the transport of the American quality of life and the transport of freight daily meets the need is meeting the needs and strains put on the transport industry by the U.S. economy.

Within the transport industry, specifically the trucking sector, it is anticipated that trucking’s total transported freight weight will increase dramatically through 2017. Growth rates in the transport industry; especially in the freight trucking sector in specific freight commodity areas and key truck areas in conjunction with on-time delivery with trucking is driving industry growth. The volume of freight transport in the United States for the trucking sector is expected to increase significantly.

Even though within the freight transport industry, trucking’s stronghold is expected to continue, the other sectors of the freight transport industry are anticipated to transport an increasing amount of freight like the truck sector.
An example of other freight transport sectors that deliver freight besides the trucking sector, is seen in both the intermodal freight transport and air freight sectors. Intermodal transport and air freight constitute the 2nd and 3rd most significant transport sectors in the freight transport industry following the trucking sector.

The overall amount of freight weight transported via rail will increase slightly for U.S. transports. In the meantime, the overall amount of freight transported via water will increase at a lower rate over the next few years.

Compared to freight transport via truck, transport via pipeline will decline over the next few years. Demand is projected to decline for this mode of transport over the foreseeable future.

Also, for the freight transport industry, specifically the trucking sector, it is projected that out of all of the freight transport sectors, the trucking sector will be impacted the most by oil prices due to how the freight is shipped. Trucking’s fuel requirements still do not impact it’s place in the freight transport industry as the primary freight transport method.

Overall, trucking will remain the dominant choice for freight transport in the United States for the foreseeable future.

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