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Third Party Logistics

Third party logistics providers are key to the modern supply chain. As providers of shipping, transport, tricking and freight carrier services consolidate, third party providers are a sure way that your company can meet its logistics needs in the coming years.

Truck carriers are most effective when their loads are planned by a third party logistics company or even a fourth party logistics company. When looking for shipping, trucking, transport or trucking services, Vessage.com is the leading web site for all of your needs.

When working with third party logistics (third-party logistics) companies (or even fourth party logistics companies) it is crucial to understand how the company interacts with its freight carriers or transport service providers and if they have the ability to provide airways, airfreight, air, trucking, shipping or transport services.

Most businesses that use third-party logistics (or fourth party logistics companies) do so to get trucking or shipping services for transport of freight that they may not be able to get on their own. By leveraging a third-party logistics company, smaller companies are able to get better access to shipping companies and obtain better schedules and prices.

Predictions are for the explosive growth of third party logistics providers to continue to grow. The main benefit provided by these third party logistics providers is the network of carriers that they have relationships with for shipping and trucking. By utilizing a third party logistics company (or even 4PL), manufacturers can concentrate on their core competencies rather than trying to develop a competency in logistics and shipping.

How should a company choose a third party logistics provider for its transportation, shipping and logistics needs? First, the company needs to have a clear understanding of its method to service its customers. Does it need overnight shipping, airfreight and high value added services, or is it constantly looking for the lowest price? Once the logistic needs are defined, working with a partner like Vessage.com can help a company develop a relationship that will allow them to excel with its customers.

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