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How to Find a Load Board

With so many load boards to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? What are the best sites to find loads and where will you find the best truck loads.  Do you go with 123LoadBoard, GetLoaded, Internet Truckstop, DAT Load Board, Landstar's Load Board, Schieder's Load Board, 360 Load  Board, or a host of many other internet load boards to find loads? Should you go with a free load board or is it better to go with a paid monthly subscription to find truck loads?

Here is a list of other load boards in case you want to check out our competition: 123 Loadboard , Aljex, Allen Lund, ALTTConnect, Careers in Gear, Cybe, DAT Partners, Direct Freight Services, Expedite Loads, ez1020 Freight, Find A Hauler, Freight Finder, Freight Getter, Freight Mail, Freight Revolution, Freight Watcher, GetLoaded, Grab A Load, The Internet Freight Terminal, Load Leaderboard, Load Match, Load Max, Load My Truck, Load Search, The Trucker's Website, Load Solutions, Load Up, My Trans Info, NetTrans, Never Sit, Pick a Truck Load, Pro Trucker, Quick Load Board, RLT Exchange, Shipper Net, Shipping Gateway, The Freight Exchange, TransCore Exchange, Truck Buzz, Truckinfo, TruckLoads, Trulos, US Load Source, Can Haul , Real Time Freight, Right Now Loads, Truck Load Rat, and The Freeloader,

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