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Vessage.com aims to serve you and help you with all of your shipping needs.  We can help you with auto shipping, motorcycle shipping, boat shipping and any other type of vehicle shipping.   Our site also serves to help you with shipping services such as air freight, trucking, and info on a freight forwarder.  As you will soon see, Vessage.com is your complete resource for all things shipping.

But we don't stop there!  You can find great information on International shipping, freight carriers and shipping insurance.  Which we all know is very critical to any businesses shipping needs due to the potential for trucking accidents.  We cover just about everything in the logistics category as well, from third party logistics, transport logistics, a logistics manager to logistics warehousing and reverse logistics.

Finally, if you are looking for a freight quote for your shipping needs, we can help you with that from one of our certified shippers!  Vessage is your one stop shop for anything and everything shipping, trucking and logistics!

Freight Quote - after you've done your research, the next thing to do is find a freight rate for your shipping or trucking needs.  You can get a freight quote from many places like freightquote or other sites.  If you are looking to figure out how much it will cost to ship your items, we can help you get a freight quote in this section.

Load Board - Freight matching services or Load Boards; contain loads that have been posted by brokers and shippers in a single location on the internet.  Typically on Load Boards anyone who would like to either search for loads/trucks or post loads/trucks has to open an account with that particular Load Board.  Setting up an account with a Load Board is typically straight forward.  A customer usually provides general information about themselves and, for carriers, provides a form of payment to the Load Board. 

Freight Factoring - Freight Factoring is crucial for many frieght or trucking companies for cash flow reasons. Find out more about freight factoring and trucking factoring in this article.

Auto Shipping -  Maybe you have just bought a new car, boat or motorcycle and need to have it shipped to you.  If this is the case, then this part of the site is where you can find information on auto shipping, motorcycle shipping and boat shipping.  Your vehicle is very important to you so make sure learn about the transport of your vehicle before you commit to any service. 

Shipping Services - There are many types of shipping services that can help you with shipping, tracking, moving, transport and more.  If you have something to ship, then we can help you out.  There are many types of shipping services that you can use.  Air freight, Trucking and the use of a freight forwarder are all options that you have if you are looking to have something shipped.

International Shipping -  Many businesses struggle with their overseas shipping.  There is a lot that an international shipper needs to know before committing to send shipments.  With the amount of global shippers on the rise, you continue to have more and more choices for your shipping-international needs.  For more information on international shipping, you can read the article in this section of Vessage.com

Freight Carrier - There are so many options when choosing a freight company, trucking company or any type of shipper of cargo.  How do you select the right freight carrier for your shipments or your business?  The information in this part of Vessage.com will help you figure all of that out!

Logistics - Logistics is huge business.  Any company that has product that needs to ship must use logistics in order to keep track of their distribution and supply chain management.  Failure to have a handle on this can be fatal to any business.  Finding a good logistics company to handle your transportation needs is very important.  Vessage can help!

Reverse Logistics - Reverse logistics is the logistics process of removing new or used products from their initial point in a supply chain, such as returns from consumers, over stocked inventory, or outdated merchandise and redistributing them using disposition management rules that will result in maximized value at the end of the items original useful life. A reverse logistics operation is considerably different from forward logistics.

Shipping Insurance - If you've won an auction bid, moving to a new location, or just shipping anything, you definitely will want to consider shipping insurance, either from your shipper or from another company. There are a lot of trucking accidents that happen these days and if you have your cargo in a truck that has an accident, your shipment might get damaged.  Without shipping insurance, you could lose your cargo and have no way of getting any compensation.

Trucking Accidents - Driving a truck is dangerous and accidents happen.  A trucking accident can occur from downhill braking, rollovers, fires, or human error.  Whichever it is, a trucking accident can put a damper on your cargo shipment.  Since transport accidents are a part of the shipping industry, we thought that it would be important to cover them on this site.

How to Find a Load Board - With so many load boards to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? What are the best sites to find loads and where will you find the best truck loads.  Do you go with 123LoadBoard, GetLoaded, Internet Truckstop, DAT Load Board, Landstar's Load Board, Schieder's Load Board, 360 Load  Board, or a host of many other internet load boards to find loads?



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