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Air Freight

In today’s instantaneous world, having a reliable partner to provide air freight (airway freight) solutions is critical for businesses in any industry. When airway freighting either domestically or internationally, is critical for a modern business to make sure it is working with a reliable carrier providing the service levels it requires while making sure it is paying competitive prices. By shipping product by air rather than by sea, companies can reduce required inventories, increase the speed of innovation and serve their customers better. Working with third party logistics companies, the overhead, working capital and overall logistics costs can be optimized for any company’s business model.

As more manufacturing moves to Southeast Asia to lower costs, the supply chain and freight movement is ever changing. Traditional domestic methods for moving freight are no longer viable. International locations require extensive travel by employees as well as issues with communication between engineers in multiple locations with language and cultural barriers. Airway (or air freight) for freight transport by air and extensive travel are the best ways to overcome this challenge.

There are many options for air freight in the domestic and international market. Traditional airline partners offer some services. Vessage.com provides the flexibility to look at pricing from multiple vendors at a single website. Vessage has developed tools to get your shipping requirements to some of the best providers in the industry. With Vessage.com, you eliminate the need to search for a provider to meet the needs of your business while making sure you are able to obtain competitive pricing. Vessage works with airlines, airfreight carriers, freight carriers, and other providers of air travel to make sure your logistics needs can be met.

The 14 hour flight from the US to China makes travel difficult. But, using airway freight (air freight) to bridge this gap, logistics for a company’s main product can be even faster than domestic manufacturing.

Domestic airfreight can also reduce travel and multiple flights by a corporation’s domestic employees.

With the long shipping distances combined with the fickle tastes of consumers, the need to customize a product at the last possible moment is critical. The travel costs of employees going overseas on commercial airlines can quickly reduce the costs of an inefficient supply chain. Modern companies must balance their ability to customize a product with its selected business model. Depending on the relative value a product brings in the market place, a company may make different decisions about air-freight. If a company can create value without customizing, airfreight may be a one off occurrence when problems occur using an airline, international air freight provider or even a third-party logistics provider. If late stage customization is critical, airway freight can be a key component to the supply chain, logistics and transportation can be used for competitive advantage. By using air freight to bring in goods at the last possible moment depending on customer orders, a company can reduce its working capital while at the same time providing a level of service at a cost its customers cannot match.

If airline and travel costs are costing your business too much, airway freight or airfreight may also be an option to reduce development time of new products. Rather than spending money on travel and airline tickets, a company can spend money on airfreight to bring products or prototypes back to the US for evaluation before full scale production is begun. The use of computer aided design tools and long term relationships makes this travel reducing model of using air freight more effective.

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